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Our history is linked to road freight. Over the years we have grown, and have added new services according to the needs of our clients. This evolution has brought us to where we are now.

All of our vehicles meet the demanding EURO VI standard for industrial vehicles.

We have a modern fleet with different trailer types: standard taut-liner, semi taut-liner, mega-trailer, semi mega-trailer, fridge trailer, as well as delivery vehicles with tail-lift.

As a central warehouse, we offer domestic as well as international distribution.

This service is especially relevant for companies who import material and distribute it to their final customer: costs related to storage facilities become variable.

At present we can transport any type of goods: full load or part load, both domestics as well as international.

Apart from general cargo...

what else do we transport?

goods (ADR)


of waste

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Hazardous goods (ADR): our fleet is prepared for transport of packed hazardous goods, with or without temperature control.

This service is available for both domestic as well as international transport.

All of our vehicles have the necessary equipment required for transport of this type of material in safe conditions. This service also includes activation of the third party insurance with a coverage up to €300.000.

SANDACH: Transport of animal bodies or products derived from animals (categories 1, 2 and 3 – skins, compost, etc.)

These products are not fit for human consumption, either for sanitary motives or as decided by the operator.

These materials are usually generated in primary food production, in transformation industry of food products with animal origin, as well as in food processing industry for wholesale and retail.

Transport of waste: in line with our commitment to environmental care, we manage transport of different types of waste, according to the following regulations:

Non-hazardous waste. Inscription number 806/T/RNP/CV
Hazardous waste. Inscription number 00414/TP/CV
Used tyres. Inscription number 00051/T/NFU/CV
Electric and electronic equipment. Inscription number 004/T/RAE/CV.

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