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Integrated Logistics

The world in a safe place.

Laratrans has more than 10.000 m2 logistics facility with loading docks, security systems connected to a remote alarm central, as well as systems for fire detection and control.

Our facilities are strategically located.

We are close to the Valencian sea port (27 kms), near the Valencia airport (Manises), and connected to the motorways AP-7 (Mediterranean Motorway) and the A-3 (motorway to Madrid).

As a central warehouse, we offer and carry out the whole range of services related to collection, storage, rework and distribution of our customers´ goods.

In our warehouse, a professional team of fork-lift drivers supported by radio frequency equipment, allows for real-time information about inbound and outbound handling.

What services do we provide in this area?

Stock control
and inventory

(Picking & Packing)




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Stock control and inventory management. Reporting according to predefined frequency or through the client access of the web portal.

Order preparation (Picking & Packing).

Lot control and FIFO or LIFO storage system.

Posibility of system integration with our client´s system in order to allow for simultaneous inventory management.

Equipment for stowage, air-bags, termal blankets (in order to maintain a constant temperature).


We manage both the customs documents as well as the operational documents.

We carry out the collection of the sea freight container from the terminal in the port of Valencia to our warehouses.

Material reception according to Customs´ regulations, providing the customer at all time about the status of the goods´ reception by means of photos and videos.

Checking of pack list / delivery note against physical load, confirming the actual number of units received.

Warehousing and distribution

We also offer cross docking and deconsolidation.


Collection throughout the national territory for consolidation and onward loading into containers.

Management of customs processes and follow- up.

Delivery of the container to the corresponding terminal in the port of Valencia.

E-commerce. Our warehouse is equipped with radio frequency and with the possibility to integrate your data base with our Warehouse Management System (WMS).

This way the orders of your clients flow directly into our WMS and trigger directly the processes for order preparation and distribution.

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