Customs warehouses

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Financial advantages for your international transactions

Our customs warehouses are authorised by the Customs Authorities.

The customs warehouses allow for storage of goods according to the corresponding customs regulations for each warehouse type, until the final destination of the goods is decided upon. This final destination can be in the Communitary Customs Territory or in third countries.

Advantages while the goods are stored in a customs warehouse
Duties are not applicable.
Measures derived from official commercial policies are not applicable.
No application or exemption of national taxes (VAT, special taxes).

How can your activity take advantage of these benefits?

These benefits contribute to a more efficient management of purchasing.

They provide financial savings in import and export transactions.

Reduce lead times, as the goods are available whenever they are needed.

Reduces the time to market and delivery times to final customers.

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Laratrans has licenses for the following customs warehouse types:

Bonded warehouse

VAT warehouse

Temporary Customs
Deposit (ADT)

Warehouse authorised
for Export Goods (LAME)

Bonded warehouse (DA)

Deferred payment of VAT and duties in import operations. The main advantage offered by this particular warehouse type is, that the import duties and VAT are postponed from the moment the goods arrive to the European Community, to the moment the goods leave the warehouse as a consequence of a sales transaction.

Storage for unlimited period of time. There is no time limit for keeping the goods in a bonded warehouse. As a consequence, purchasing of material for commercial campaigns can be carried out when the prices of goods and of international currencies are more favourable (prices of goods and international currencies can change considerably along the year).

Possibility to clear only part of the goods.

Allows for full control of the goods in our warehouse, subject to strict security measures..

Possibility to handle the goods in our warehouse. We can handle the goods before they are cleared, or prepare the goods for sale of orders or models according to the requirements of the importer (as long as the goods themselves are not changed).

VAT warehouse (DDA)

Convenient for communitary goods destined for export, especially interesting for succesive sales (e.g. when the manufacturar is not the exporter).

Temporary Customs Deposit (ADT)

This warehouse type is being used for import of goods from non Communitary countries. The goods can be held at a Temporary Customs Deposit for a maximum of 90 days: payment of taxes is deferred until the next destination of the goods is decided upon: clearance for import, international transit, entry into an other customs warehouse (without a time limit and taking advantage of other benefits) and/or re-export to a non-EU country.

The goods can remain at the facilities of Laratrans Logistica Integral and can be cleared partially. This is not possible in a public warehouse.

The customs control implies that the operations of container unloading and classification of goods pending to be cleared for import, have to be carried out in facilities which have the corresponding customs authorisation. This is a considerable saving, as the storage costs at our facilities are mucho more favourable than the ones of a public warehouse.

All of these activities are subject to a strict inventory control. The non-communitary goods which are in this warehouse type, have to remain under customs control until the goods are cleared for import.

Warehouse authorised for Export Goods (LAME)

This warehouse type is especially being used for consolidation of goods, and has the same advantages as the Temporary Customs Deposit for import goods.

This warehosue type allows for partial receptions of goods for export clearance (third countries, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) in our facilities, thus avoiding to carry the export goods to the Export Customs.

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