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We like to consider ourselves as “tailors of logistics”, as we provide a tailor-made service for each customer, irrespective of the activity's complexity.

Laratrans Logística Integral is a family-owned company with its head offices in the province of Valencia.

The company was established in 1974 for the activity of domestic full truck loads. Over time, the company has adapted itself to the requirements of its customers, to any new requirements issued by official and public entities, as well as to the technological progress which is characteristic of this era.

The second generation, remainig faithful to the predecesor´s principles, has implemented technological and operational improvements, and has developed business areas which are complementary to the road freight activity. Nowadays, Laratrans Logística Integral is a recognised and consolidated company in our sector.

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Philosophy and values

The reason of being of Laratrans Integrated Logistics are our clients and our team.

We take great pride in growing with them: with their requirements as well as with the mutual commitment.

Our values are based on the continuous evaluation of our work.

This forces us to be alert at all time, and to be in continuous training. Our ways of information exchange have to be very dynamic:

For all of our processes, specific working procedures have been defined

All of the tasks are carried out with IT support, which allows for detailed analysis of all of the activities.

At Laratrans we are comitted to protecting the environment.

Approximately 20% of the CO2 produced by mankind has its origen in transport-related means. We try to reduce our environmental foot-print to a minimum:

All of the vehicles of our fleet meet EURO VI requirements, the latest standard for reduction of pollution by industrial vehicles. This standard, which has been in place since 2014, has caused a revolution in the market for industrial vehicles. Compared to EURO V, the EURO VI standard forces to a reduction of an additional 80% of the Nitro oxigen limits, as well as to a reduction of more than 70% of hydrocarbon and to a reduction of 50% of the particles (g/kWh).

For our electricity supply we contract renewable energy.

Our company has fotovoltaic instalations on the roofs of the facilities.

For years we have been applying the policy of “0 paper” in our offices. The impact of a paperless office on the environment can be enormous. In Spain, the production of paper just for printing invoices requires a forrest with the size o 700 football fields, every year.


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